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Frylight is a unique, patented technology spray cooking oil.

Perfect for everyday frying and cooking, it delivers exactly one calorie per spray!



roast veg
Great Frylight Recipes to try:
Ratatouille Salad
Roasted Vegetables
Frylight contains at least 30% less calories and fat of oil and dispenses 1kcal/0.1g fat per spray.
Cooking comparisons are based on using 5 sprays per cook versus a tablespoon of oil (15ml).
Frylight will only help slimming/weight control as part of a calorie controlled diet.
or phone free:
0800 130 3056
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1 cal per spray | clean & easy | non-stick | economical compared to poured oil

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Welcome to Frylight - the only One Cal
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