1. Shake

Before using, shake your Frylight cooking spray well to ensure the product is mixed properly.


2. Prime

When using Frylight for the first time the spray head will need to be primed by pressing the nozzle up to 10 times to activate the cooking spray.


3. Spray

On average we recommend using at least 5 sprays to cover a standard pan. Spray directly on to the surface from a height of approx 20cm. Holding the bottle vertically will ensure optimal spray.


4. Medium Heat

For optimum performance spray into a cold pan and place over a medium rather than high heat.  Wait until the Frylight cooking spray is clear in the pan before frying.

Medium Heat

Frying Demonstration Video

Frylight cooking spray is ideal for a healthier traditional breakfast.


Baking Demonstration Video

Frylight cooking spray is the perfect cake and bake release with no mess and no sticking!


Roasting Demonstration Video

How to roast with Frylight cooking spray.