Here you will find commentary from leading professionals and downloadable/printable PDFs with general wellbeing tips for patients or clients.

Patients are becoming more conscious of the benefits of a calorie-controlled diet, with one in two people in the UK making choices based on dietary benefits. Over 50% ‘look behind the label’, to check information on fat, sugar, salt or calories.[i]

Frylight, the original 1kcal cooking spray, can actively help patients manage and reduce the amount of calories they consume, as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Priya Tew

Working within the eating disorder field, Priya has to be clued up on fat in order to educate people on how to maintain a healthy weight and manage their relationship with food.

Priya says "Fat is something our body needs, however we do not need a large amount of it.  The amount and the type of fat we eat is key to our health.  UK guidelines for total fat intake for adults are 75g for men and 50g for women per day.  Saturated fats and trans fats are to be avoided.  Focus instead on including the unsaturated forms of fat in your diet - olives, avocado, rapeseed oil, nuts, seeds and oily fish."  

Priya's mantra is to focus on eating more whole foods and cooking from scratch whenever possible, and to enjoy what you eat!  Priya loves cooking herself and experimenting with different ingredients and alternatives in recipes - such as using avocado instead of butter.

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 Dr. Sarah Jarvis

Are saturated fats still ‘bad’?

"With so much controversy in the media about the relative risks of fats and carbs, it's hardly surprising our patients get confused."

"My view is clear - just because we're becoming more aware of the dangers of refined carbohydrates, we can't afford to take our eye off the ball where saturated fats are concerned."

"The British Heart Foundation continues to recommend choosing low fat options where possible, and so should we.  There is strong evidence warning against a diet high in saturated fats - and despite longstanding healthcare professional advice, the average Briton's intake of saturated fats is 20% higher than government guidelines."


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