Feel Good Frying

Enabling healthier eating conversations

As one of the simplest and most successful ways of reducing calorie intake, recommending a switch to Frylight for those trying to lose weight can be invaluable.

Frylight enables people to continue to cook the meals they love, avoiding difficult to follow or unpalatable diets.

The Frylight™ expert panel

Frylight™ has recruited leading media medic, Dr Sarah Jarvis and dietician, Priya Tew, to compile easy-to-digest guidance and top tips sheets that can be downloaded and printed as handouts for your patients.

By working with our experts, we’re offering practical and consumer-friendly advice for making easy, low-calorie swaps to reduce the fat and calorie content in everyday meals. 

Please select your area of work below to access material that enables healthier eating conversations.

Priya Tew, Dietician, RD, BSc (Hons), PG Dip, MSc

Priya has worked within the NHS both with hospitals and outpatient clinics.  Her main specialities include eating disorders and IBS.  She is frequently quoted in the press and often appears on TV. Known for her common sense approach, Priya is good at breaking the science down into bite sized chunks and dissecting fact from fiction.

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Priya Tew, Dietician, RD, BSc (Hons), PG Dip, MSc

Dr Sarah Jarvis MD

Dr Sarah Jarvis is a GP based in London who also works with the media to promote health generally. She is the health and medical reporter for The One Show, a regular guest on The Jeremy Vine Show on Radio Two and is a clinical consultant for health website Patient UK. 

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Dr Sarah Jarvis MD