Frylight Cooking Spray is the original 1 cal spray.

Allowing you to use 95% less fat than oil*, Frylight is the everyday alternative to cooking oils and fats.  When you use Frylight in place of regular pouring oil you can save over 100 calories and each spray is just 1 calorie.  With no artificial ingredients Frylight is the perfect choice.

Find Frylight in the oils section of your local supermarket.

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*Frylight contains at least 30% fewer calories and 30% less fat than regular oils and dispenses 1kcal/0.1g fat per spray. 5 sprays of Frylight (0.5g fat/5kcal) can replace 1 tablespoon of normal oil (15g fat/120kcal) in shallow frying.

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